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Ladies and Gentelemen, The Professor...
By Paul Tomori
Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 20:44:55 (EDT)

.... On the Drumkit!

This week presented a unique thrill. The "chromey" drumkit used by Neil Peart back in the 1970's on some of their most pivotal work is on tour... and passed through Niagara. In fact, it was setup right in Lakeside Park at Port Dalhousie, just a stone's throw from Neil's childhood home and just up the road from where my family lives in St. Catharines.

The gentleman who now owns the kit, Chicagoan Dean Bobisud, is a gracious man to let so many eager hands flail away at the famous kit. Yes, you actually get to play it!

So, dressed in our requisite "Bubba's Bar and Grill" tshirts, we headed down to the pavilion near the pier and waited patiently for our chance behind the gleaming shells.

As a happy kind of coincidence, while watching the drums be tuned a couple of days ago at the same location, I bumped into a client who was working on the kit. And I asked... "hey, what the heck are YOU doing on Neil's kit"? He answered that he had been "involved" with the band for years. I was shocked. The man, Mike, has even been to my house about 6 years ago. When I pressed him for details, he informed me, much to my amazement that he is one of the guys carrying the pictures on Rush's Moving Pictures album cover! How cool is that?!

Looking at the drums up close, it occurred to me... they are much like any other drumset I have seen... wooden shells, chrome hardware and damn, did they ever slip around on the carpeted flooring! The magic never was the drums. The magic was the spirit of 20-something Neil Peart who merely spoke "through" them. Still, it was no less exciting to actually touch and play on the master's tools.

Pictured below, one Graham Charles Tomori (at age two and counting) having a seat on the King's throne. He couldn't reach the peddles, but he could tap on the snare and cowbells. It seems like just yesterday that my cousin Johnny graced me with All The World's A Stage where pictured on the cover is the very drumset we enjoyed today. As a 10 year old boy, I stared at that photo endlessly and dreamed of having such a glorious thing. What fun it was to get up close and personal with those shiny tubs today within earshot of the "Analog Kid's" childhood home. Thanks Dean! And of course, thanks Mr. Peart!

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