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Potential Winners Coming Out Of The Woodwork
Ontario Lottery fraudsters come in many shapes and sizes

By Paul Tomori
Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 16:09:07 (EDT)

Have you heard? Back in 2003, someone purchased a lottery ticket in my hometown of St. Catharines, then let some shop keeper at a Burlington convenience store "check" the numbers to see if it won. He or she was then sent on their way told the ticket was a loser, but it wasn't... it was worth 12.5 Million!

Now the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (i.e. Gambling) organization is trying to locate the REAL winner. They have invited people who think they might be the winner to call in and present their "compelling" basis for claiming to be the real winner (i.e. that they actually played the winning numbers frequently, were in St. Catharines back in 2003, shopped at That's Entertainment where the ticket was bought, and then checked their winning status in Burlington).

The OLG is getting flooded with "potential" claimants.

Anyone surprised?

Those who wave the "I'm the winner" flag, when they know darn well, they could not be the winner, are equally the fraudster, in my humble opinion.

Have a read: CBC article

I am pleased to say that I know with certainty that I was not the winner. hehe

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