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You Can't Lose If You Don't Play
By Paul Tomori
Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 17:26:29 (EDT)

Just caught this article in the National Post today about the absurd money being spent to win the big Lotto Max prize of 50 Million.

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Y'all know what I think of lotteries... here are some estimates of the odds written in terms everyone can understand... from the article:

Players have a one-in-28 million shot at the $50 million. There is a better chance that a ticket holder will:

  1. Hit two holes-in-one in a row three times
  2. Get 10 royal flushes when playing poker
  3. Land on heads 25 times in a row when tossing a coin
  4. Be struck by lightning three times
  5. Men are 5,000 times more likely to die of breast cancer than win the lottery
  6. One-in-28 million odds are similar to driving through 25 traffic lights and getting green every time.

Of course, you "can't win if you don't play"... but... you also can't lose if you don't play.

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