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5. Processing - Maintain the Competitive Edge With ACTION

Reaction Internet has taken a leadership role in preparing a suite of e-commerce systems all designed to facilitate the payment process between our clients and their customers. In this service line, we offer:

    GuestServe Reservation System by ACTION 
  • Online reservations with GuestServe.com™
  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Product ordering systems (online shopping carts)
  • Online bidding modules
  • Membership signups, online forms and registration systems

GuestServe.com™ - A Catalyst For e-Commerce Excellence

Our product, GuestServe.com™ is a real-time web-based reservation system, allowing our clients to obtain guest reservations through their website and other online channels. GuestServe.com™ is the chosen reservation system of several brand name prestige hotels, B&B associations and conference planners.

A "real" Real-Time solution:

  • Simple web-based transaction management
  • Software installation is not required
  • Hardware purchases are not required
  • Accept credit card info over the internet in real-time
  • Quick and easy 3-step reservations
  • Immediate customizable confirmations/notifications
  • And much more

For more information on GuestServe.com™ Reservation Systems, please visit the GuestServe.com™ Website

Step 6 - Metrics


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Action without vision is a nightmare

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