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4. Promotions - Introducing A New Tradition In Marketing

It is not enough to just have a website. In itself, a website is not the marketing vehicle; it is the marketing destination. Forward-thinking companies recognize the dominant position that internet marketing now holds in their marketing mix.

Bring recognition to your company in various areas such as:

    Ripplemail by 
Reaction Internet
  • search engine organic (free) listings
  • search engine paid placements
  • opt-in email marketing
  • newsletter mail outs
  • strategic referral networking partnerships
  • electronic press releases

eSyndicater RSS Publishing By Reaction Internet In addition to providing complete website analysis and marketing assistance, we have also developed products like Ripplemail and eSyndicater that will assist our clients in their marketing initiatives.

Reaction Internet provides strategies for internet positioning from short-term fee-based campaigns to the pursuit of long-term internet click paths to your company's website. We also provide consultation on how to best obtain the strongest online impact from traditional marketing methods such as print ads, brochures and press releases through the use of tracking mechanisms and other metrics systems.

Step 5 - Processing


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